How can you have an impact on your life and the future of the world without trying very hard?

The answer boils down to what you consume. By focusing on reducing certain foods and on adding others, you can have a positive impact on your own life, while simultaneously being a part of a much greater social change that benefits literally the entire world.

Mentally Preparing to Save the World

My Formula: Interest, Understanding, Mindfulness, Desire, + Action

= Positive Change

My formula for success comes down to these five important aspects of producing positive change both in your life and the world around you. I’ve spent years learning this and I am confident, and more than eager to share it.

Everything is a process.

You must trust your process in order to stay committed and uplifted. You may come up with your own process that may or may not be similar to mine. Regardless, there is one thing that will continually remain imperative, and that is not to doubt your journey towards creating a healthy future for your life and the Planet’s.

Untitled drawing (1)First, erase your mind of every “impossible” stigma about eating differently that you’ve acquired up until now. The list of options of food there are to eat is never ending. And the idea that by reducing the meat or animal products that you consume limits you from eating anything, is FALSE. You can still enjoy practically every meal that you could imagine. Just follow me, and remember that this decision is one of the best decisions you can possibly make for your own life, and for the Planet!!

Some barriers that stop people are that maybe you think you just love food too much, or that you don’t have the time, the money, or the motivation. Luckily, I have wonderful news. You will love food MUCH MORE. This is coming from a previously very picky eater, who never ate their veggies, and strictly ate chicken fingers and french fries. So believe me, I am here to prove these fallacies wrong.

Start by Reducing Red Meat.

Red meat and processed meat is a large contributing factor linked to health problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. Putting yourself and your well-being first is the best way to be selfish, and the Planet will appreciate it too.

Because not only is it good for your body, but “People who eat beef consume 160% more land resources than those who consume a plant-based diet.”

– One Green Planet

And not only that, but “According to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute, a staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.” 



Alright people, it’s 2017…What does that mean?

Fake Meat. Tastes. Good.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Impossible Burger  …I’ll wait.

Pretty crazy right?Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.36.00 PM

If you’re local, the Impossible Burger might just be in your reach.


Find out where your local Impossible Burger is located and join on the bandwagon.




Some yummy store bought brands to try are Impossible Foods, the Beyond Meat Burger, Gardein, Boca, and a lot more.

Here you can download a coupon to get $1 off the Beyond Meat Burger!

I personally eat Gardein’s Crispy Tenders that are totally meat-free, and I swear you would NEVER know!

fake chick.JPG

*Tip: I love to pair these with sweet potato fries that I buy frozen for less than $2 at the grocery store!

There are also a lot of vegan/ vegetarian friendly restaurants in most cities that offer fake meat. And its 100% certain that more locations will be popping up all over the place!

Check out this Philly Steak I bought from HipCityVeg!


I will never lie to you. And this? Tastes just like the real thing… In a good way!

And try telling me that these vegan sweet & spicy wings from Blackbird Pizzeria don’t turn you on?

blackbird pizza wings



Blackbird Pizzeria is located on 6th street, off of South street in Philadelphia.

It has numerous delicious options just like these vegan wings for you to dig into!


There are many more restaurants out there that have got your back. And there are others that you might just need to work with a little .

Eating Out at Non-Veg Places.

I encourage you to find nearby restaurants that might offer items with fake meat, just to help you get that fix! But there are many other options other than your conventional fake meat.


What you’re looking at here is the Green Shakshuka from a local restaurant in Philadelphia called Cafe La Maude. That’s Sautéed onions, peppers, green tomatoes, with spinach, kale, green fava beans,  sweet potatoes & fried cauliflower; drizzled with carrot tahini sauce and topped with toasted almonds. So. Good.

I went here with a best friend of mine who is also plant-based, and a friend  from home of her’s who eats a totally average American diet.

When out to eat with friends who like meat options, all you have to do is put in a little bit of thought and look for a meal that can be made without whatever it is you’re trying to avoid! In this case, I asked for no cheese and no eggs.


Eggplant is another meat substitute that is often used in things like sandwiches at restaurants and is a main part of many other dishes!

I love buying frozen eggplant cutlets to put in my toaster oven and add onto of salads.

At a local pizza place down my street, they have a falafel & eggplant sandwich on the menu with cucumber and humus that I absolutely love!


Falafel Pita Chip

This salad bowl from Pita Chip is on a bed of cooked veggies and is topped with their vegan tahini sauce.

You can also buy falafel frozen or you can make it from scratch at home. They’re made using chickpeas!

Chickpeas, Lentils, & Other Beans

Chickpeas and Lentils are my favorite protein source, they are so satisfying, packed with health benefits and they taste delicious. I use them often in my meals and if you want a daily reminder for how to include plant-based options like these in your diet, you can follow my account on instagram @Eatingtoendclimatechange!


If cold turkey isn’t for you, perfect! That’s a great start, save the turkeys!

Ok, but really, if you can’t just out right stop eating meat all together, don’t limit yourself completely. Focus on reducing at first, and eventually you may find that you feel ready to cut out certain things all together.

But if you are up for the challenge, try cutting out red meat completely, or stop eating real chicken all together, or no longer consume meat or milk if you aren’t totally ready to give up on eating cheese. And once you’ve reached a milestone of maybe 6 months or so, celebrate!



Even passionate plant-based eaters can cheat, and I am proof of that!

Celebrating my return to Philadelphia never tasted so sweet without a little strawberry cheesecake after a yummy meal out to dinner.

My point is moderation is what’s most important!

Reward yourself!