Hi, my name is Jessica Harrington! I am currently an undergraduate at Temple University, where I am studying Media Studies & Production, Sustainable Food Systems, and Sustainability.

As the founder of Eating to End Climate Change, my goal is to mobilize a social norm of living both sustainably and healthy, while showing that it doesn’t need to be difficult to do.

Knowing I have made changes that have not only had a positive impact on my life, but on the world around me, I feel a strong social responsibility to share it with the world. Cutting out animal meat, as well as eventually animal bi-products from my diet, has been the most influential decision I have made in my life toward my understanding of sustainability, and the control that we have over both our own lives and on life on Earth.

Whether you hardly ever eat your vegetables, or you’re aspiring to be vegetarian/ vegan, I pledge to do my best to provide my favorite, simple, healthy, and also not-as healthy, eco-friendly foods and tips to help anyone get started eating environmentally safe.

Growing up in Massachusetts on a small barrier island, I knew of the effects of climate change well before I truly understood what they meant. Rising sea levels threaten Plum Island every year. And every year I cringe thinking about one day not being able to return to the place I first fell in love with the ocean, which will be the very cause I may lose it all together. Rising sea levels are not a problem at my home in Philadelphia, or any of Pennsylvania for that matter. This was a reality that hit me hard in 2016 both with my life change, and mainly with the most recent election. Climate Change to some people, they tell themselves is a fallacy. And experiencing this first hand, I found myself feeling nearly defeated. But since attending Temple University I have never felt more equipped to make an impact on the world, and I am happy to know that you are here considering doing it with me.

The greatest success comes after the greatest frustrations.

I’ve gotten to this point because of my family, the place I grew up, the nature I find faith and tranquility in, the people I’ve met who have inspired me, and those who have challenged these fundamental values of mine. This is why I am here. And I do this not just for me. I do this for everyone and everything that has brought me here, and more.

I am happy to be sharing this journey with you. So, do make sure to navigate my site when you have a few moments of peace, and stay on the look out for my blog posts and other content that will help us all positively contribute to Our Planet.♡

Also, you can find my plant-based food account on Instagram @EatingtoEndClimateChange.

With much love in my heart, I look forward to hearing from more of you who’ve told me you’re already getting started Eating to End Climate Change!