What sustains life on earth?

Is it food, water, sunlight? What do these things have in common, aside from the fact that they sustain life? They all have the potential to produce energy. Human life thrives off of the production and consumption energy in order to not only sustain, but to thrive. And everything that sustains life turns out is related. These connections are becoming more and more important for us to recognize everyday.

Unfortunately the main energy resources that we consume, petroleum, natural gas, and coal, are nonrenewable, unlike the energy resources mentioned before. Because petroleum, natural gas, and coal are non-renewable resources, the huge businesses behind the fossil fuel industry are the driving force that causes the destructive dependency on these resources to continue, despite the major physical, cultural, and economic repercussions. Not only are the processes of mining and drilling fossil fuels invasive and destructive to surrounding communities and environments, but it is also the main contributor to overall greenhouse gas emissions and therefore, climate change.

Unfortunately huge corporations and lobbyists prevent the less harmful renewable resources from being widely implement to the extent that is possible. That’s why it is up to people who understand the gravity of this situation to join in social change. And the least you can do, is not difficult, and does make an impact.


“People who eat beef consume 160% more land resources than those who consume a plant-based diet.”

– One Green Planet

“In 2016, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report identified water as the biggest societal and economic risk in terms of impact through 2025.”

– World Business Council for Sustainable Development 

Furthermore, “Raising animals for food consumes more than half of all water used in the U.S.”