Most people do not become the picture of health without an outside source of motivation that pushes them in the direction. For example, people start to get healthy when they are told they’ve been diagnosed with a health condition. Other’s want to be attractive, some might want to avoid a disease their parent’s have, and others care about the world not ending.

 What causes the majority of conditions that people are facing is the food we eat. The Western Diet unfortunately, classically hamburgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets, unfortunately is extremely detrimental to our health. More and more studies ever day support the fact that American’s do not get enough vegetables in their diet, and the amount of meat that most Americans consume is drastically higher than it should be.

“Animal-sourced foods tend to be associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions, such as methane and nitrogen dioxide. In addition to their climate impact, the intake of red and processed meats has been linked to adverse health outcomes including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Reducing the consumption of animal-sourced foods (particularly processed meats and red meat) in favor of healthier plant-based alternatives has the potential to both reduce methane emissions associated with livestock production and improve population health.” – WHO