How does eating have to do with climate change?

Climate Change is largely caused by Greenhouse Gasses. Most people are familiar with this, especially in relation to fossil fuel manufacturing and transportation. Fossil fuels are bad for the harmful gasses they emit, and because they can never be restored once they’re used.

This not only threatens our civilization, but first and foremost it threatens people who already live in areas of less abundance than many of us. Major countries will exploit the millions of human lives who already struggle every single day in scarcity of resources. Indigenous people are already at threat every day, and climate change is possibly their biggest threat yet.

“According to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute, a staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.” 


To prevent the worst from happening, it is crucial that we learn to conserve everything we can. Animal Agriculture is the main greenhouse gas contributor. The methane that livestock like cattle let out is twice as strong as CO2. This alone contributes to about 18% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The cow population has reached over ONE BILLION now; the result of cows being constantly bred and killed by age 4, to therefore be turned into meat. These facilities in themselves that produce meat to be put onto our plates consume a lot of energy. But the catch is not only in the process of raising this huge number of livestock, but it is in the details.

The massive amount of food livestock consume everyday, the land and irrigation of the plants they eat, as well as the mass transportation of the animal meat all adds up to consume the most resources of any other practice on the planet, and is most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore is the worlds greatest contributor to CLIMATE CHANGE.

So, this is the connection, and this is where we come in. If huge businesses will do nothing to put a stop to the damaging, life threatening practices, it is left up to our control as people functioning in society. And believe me, there are so many people every day who are taking this responsibility into their own hands- but there can never be enough people! Capitalism really can work in our favor in preventing further worsening of climate change if we join together for this greater cause. All it takes is to think about where you spend your money and how it effects the future.

Eating meat 2 days less every week makes a DIFFERENCE. It is about PROGRESS.

My 5 Step Plan to Changing Your Life:

The first step that it takes to change your life, is being (1) interested in something. And if you’ve read this far, that means you are on the RIGHT PATH! That in itself is enchanting. The next step as I see it, is (2) understanding- that is, understanding why you make the choices you make, why it is important to live with intention, and understanding the problem that you are being faced with. For me, I care deeply about climate change because within my lifetime my childhood home will be uninhabitable by rising sea levels. This is what has fueled my interest in learning and understanding the problem of climate change. When you have learned and become more familiar with a problem in your life, you are able to view it with a new, more informed perspective, and this in turn allows you more tools to becoming (3) mindful. Mindfulness is the first way to manifest a bettering of your life and the world- ignorance is not bliss, it is detrimental. With becoming mindful, it is then important to fuel a (4) desire for change. The value that we place onto the things we care about is crucial for actually perpetrating any difference into the world. It is a source of motivation, and having desire is one of the most powerful energies that you can have in your life. Finally, by combining all of these components, interest, understanding, mindfulness, desire, and finally, (5) action, you will without any doubt notice change in your life. Your path will become vastly more clear, and less convoluted, because through this process, you have allowed your mind to notice opportunity for positive change all around you. You will not feel as much anxiety about a problem, because the numbers of solutions will become much more obvious to you.

I find that it is very important to utilize a system when aiming to solve problems. A system is not always linear, in fact usually it will not be. To solve a problem you will need to be creative. And the creative process is never a simple cycle, but rather can manifest itself in many orders. There may be many failures, but failures are what propel our learning and growth. Luckily, I’ve found a very simple, elegant solution to climate change that I am working to allow you to adapt as easily as I have found it.

Trust the process, friends, and follow along my journey in seeking an end to climate change.